You will enjoy shopping in the old Keuruu’s boutiques and tiny shops! We are happy to help you find the right items wheter you are looking for local goods, Finnish handicrafts, fashion items or gifts for any occasion. You’ll leave our shops with a big smile and a happy heart!

Tiltaltti Shop

Tiltaltti Shop might be tiny but it is known for its unique selection of local goods, Finnish handicrafts and gifts for all occasions! You will also find clothes for women of all sizes and shapes! Some tempting fashion items, like scarves and bags are also available in this lovely “barn shop”. Open all year! 

Open through the year
Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 11-16

Kivinavetta Kamana
Kangasmannilantie 4, Keuruu
tel. +358 44 911 0188

Antiikkirenki ostaa ja myy, Keuruu


An atmospheric antique shop for buying and selling old goods, especially old peasant related items. Located in the storehouse of the Keuruu railway station.

Call and ask for current opening hours
Open mainly Mon-Fri 9.30-14.00 but times can vary

The storehouse of the Keuruu railway station
Jyväskyläntie 1B, Keuruu
tel. +358 400 842 744

Maalaisvakka, Keuruu


Maalaisvakka is a café and a shop selling local organic products and handicrafts. You can buy fresh, tasty pastries, home-cooked food and other delicacies to take them home with you. You can come and see if the door is open outside the opening hours as well!

Open throught the year
Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-15

Keuruuntie 2, Keuruu (only in finnish)
tel. +358 40 357 3530

Navikkapuoti Keuruu

Navikka puoti

Navikka activity center’s factory shop is offering reasonably priced gifts and souvenirs. Textiles, wooden products, handloom, weaver’s reeds.

Open through the year
Mon-Fri 10-16.30

Keuruuntie 7, Keuruu (only in finnish)
tel. +358 40 5259 548

Annuli’s summer boutique

You will find some unique clothes and stylish fashion items from Annuli’s summer boutique. Annuli also has a good variety of finnish linnen clothes in all sizes!

Annulin suositusta kesäpuodista löydät uniikkeja, kotimaisia asuja sekä paljon ihastuttavia pellavavaatteita monessa eri koossa!

Open 27.6.-31.7.2022
Every day 11.30-15.30

The wooden storehouses next to the old rectory
Kangasmannilantie 2, Keuruu
tel. +358 40 5464 213

Kamana kirppis, Keuruu

Kamana’s drift store

Flea market at the old storehouse near the stone barn. Selling all kinds of used items, like children’s and adult clothes, shoes, toys, books, tableware and household decor. Open only in the summer time. Cash payments only!

Open from May until August
Mon-Fri 11-17, Sat 11-16

The wooden storehouses next to the old stone barn
Kangasmannilantie 4, Keuruu
tel. +358 44 911 0188