Culture and history

Old Keuruu invites you to its rich cultural heritage and interesting sites. The churches, museums and exhibitions in the area tell stories from the past to the present. Take a stroll through the charming cultural milieu and explore the historical attractions of Old Keuruu!

Because of covid-19 situation in Finland, opening hours of destinations might change! We are sorry for the inconvenience.


The Old Church of Keuruu

The Old Church of Keuruu (1758) is a magnificent wooden church surrounded by a yard lined with stone walls and gate rooms. The rich paintings of the church tell stories of faith, hopes and fears of the past generations. Entrance fee 3 € / person. 

Opening hours in the summer 2020 (10.6.-9.8.)
Mon-Sun 11-16 (closed on midsummer eve)

Keuruuntie 1, Keuruu
tel. +358 40 965 5538


The Church of Keuruu

The Neo-Gothic church, designed by architect Teodor Granstedt, was completed in 1892. The two altarpieces of the red brick church are painted by the famous Eero Järnefelt.

Open in summer 2020 only in appointment

Keuruuntie 4, Keuruu (only in finnish)
tel. +358 40 965 5538


Keuruu Museum

The art museum is located in the heart of valuable Old Keuruu area. It offers varied exhibitions through out the year and guided tours  in english to museum and the two churches are also available for booking. Check out the website to see exhibitions on summer 2020.

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 11-17, Fri 11-18, Sat 11-15

Old Keuruu stone barn, Kamana
Kangasmannilantie 4, Keuruu
tel. +358 40 965 5538


Keuruu main library

The library of Keuruu is located in beutiful place by the Tarhia lake. Books, magazines, music, movies, games, Wi-Fi, computers and printing. Open year round.

Opening hours
Mon-Thu 10-19, Fri 10-15, Sat 10-14 (closed on Saturdays in summertime)

Pitäjäntuvantie 5, Keuruu
tel. +358 400 168 415


Old railway station

Decorated with wood cuts and designed by architect Bruno Granholm, Keuruu Railway Station is often mentioned as the most beautiful one in Finland. The old station invites you to explore the fascinating collections of the past. In the “Caches of Collector” exhibition you’ll see nostalgic goods, enamel items, dolls, teddy bears, etc. Entrance fee 3 € / adults.

Opening hours in summer 2020
We will update opening hours as soon as possible!

Keuruuntie 1, Keuruu (only in finnish)
tel. +358 40 581 2411


Punnonen’s house

Punnonen’s house was built in the early 1900s. Some parts of the houses have retained to the original decor and one can feel the real 1920s and 30s atmosphere. Open during the summer, when the exhibition of the Keuruu Art Society is on display.

Opening hours in summer 2020 (22.6.-2.8.)
Open daily 11-17

Vanhankirkontie 14, Keuruu (only in finnish)
tel. +358 50 341 9875


Keuruu local history museum

Welcome to explore the local history at the open air museum located behind the stone church. The museum mimics the peasant milieu of the late 19th century, consisting ten buildings that have been moved from all over the rural municipality. Entrance fee 3 € / 0.50€ 

Opening hours in summer 2020 (23.6.-9.8.)
Tue-Fri and Sun 11-16

Museotie 3, Keuruu (only in finnish)
tel. +358 40 914 618